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We're the new generation of global R&D support agency

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Matters! Agency provides a “one stop shop” service through six, yet integrated solution channels for higher education, academic,
government and corporate R&D institutions in emerging markets.

Innovative / Global Perspective / Data Driven

Decision Making Support

Am I making the right investment decision? Can I persuade other stakeholders to support and collaborate with me? Am I able to explain government auditors the rationale of my budget decisions? I need a well designed annual report to promote my instituion.

Public Relations

Am I recognized outside my country? Do I have a professional presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels? Are the events we organize well known and have enough international speakers? Are we really connected?

Human Resources

Which researcher and staff member is performing above average and below average at my institution? How can I urgently hire talent for a new research project we received funding for? How can I recruit young and talented researchers from competing institutions?

Knowledge Transfer

My faculty and students are missing vital knowledge and organizational culture to effectively use online scientific databases; and how to search and find information effectively? Do not receive high quality research project proposals. My students /staff are not collaborating enough outside our institution and with foreign researchers.

Open access

Can’t decide if I should finance further existing low quality journals; or close them and start new ones instead. We don’t know have access to, don’t know how to use any international standard journal publishing editorial system and platform.

International ranking

We would like to achieve better position in the international ranking of our institution.
What are the key input factors of the different rankings?
I would let my colleagues teach the necessary measures for raising.

"What attracted me to Matters was their holistic and data driven approach: the Agency today is truly one of the kind in the world, providing full service along the way at affordable prices!"
"Finally a company who understands my complex needs to succesfully operate an R&D and education business!"